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Overcoming Anxiety - Symptoms of Agoraphobia

There is a misconception that everyone who suffers from Agoraphobia has a fear of leaving their home. This is just one of the symptoms of suffering from Agoraphobia. Agoraphobia is the fear of going out in public and being in unfamiliar places. In extreme cases sufferers become home bound or even room bound.

Agoraphobia can develop from social anxiety, which can lead on to panic attacks or anxiety attacks. Another cause of Agoraphobia can be post traumatic stress syndrome. If sufferers start to experience attacks they will shut themselves off from the world in order to try gain some sort of control and avoid having attacks in public.

Another side effect of Agoraphobia is sufferers can develop obsessive compulsive disorder or OCD due to lack of control. These are the extreme symptoms of Agoraphobia.

Some people who suffer from Agoraphobia are not confined to their home but being out in public places can be extremely traumatic. They find it difficult to leave the home due to possible anxiety attacks, they may only leave the home at certain times, avoiding any social interaction. Other things can be avoiding anyone who is not already known to them. They usually have to be accompanied by someone who they trust to leave their home, they can then become totally dependant on that carer.

Symptoms of Agoraphobia.

Panic Attacks.

Fear of public spaces.

Obsessive Compulsive disorder.

Fears or Phobias.

Need for routine.

Dependency of one person, usually a close relative.

Unable to leave the home.

Constant Muscle tension and uneasiness



Previous suffering from anxiety


Avoiding public places

Avoiding interaction or socializing.

Agoraphobia can be treated naturally without the use of drugs. The hardest part for people who suffer from Agoraphobia is coming to terms with it and seeking help. hypnotherapy and NLP can help to cure fears and phobias which can cut the effects of Agoraphobia.

If you feel you are suffering from Agoraphobia or you think someone you know may be showing symptoms of Agoraphobia, seek medical advice from your doctor. Request a home visit if you are unable to leave the home.

If you feel your anxiety is starting to affect your daily life then seek help before it escalates. As I mentioned before there are ways to control anxiety and techniques you can use stop anxiety altogether and start enjoying life again. A lot of our anxiety stems from negative thoughts and association with past experiences which are usually negative. By changing the way we think and identifying the triggers that cause your anxiety you can overcome them in a short space of time.

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