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Overcoming Anxiety: Symptoms of Social Anxiety or Social Phobia

Are you the one who always says no to the office party or Friday after work drinks? Can't even get yourself out to family occasions? You could be suffering from social anxiety. You're not alone, millions of people suffer from Social Anxiety. I did myself and looking back now, I missed out on a lot of fun times. Once I realised I wasn't the only one who felt like the way I did, I started to overcome my social anxiety.

Social anxiety is one of the worse forms of anxiety as it stops you living life and also doing the normal mundane things like going shopping. Social anxiety can also lead on to Agoraphobia. You can overcome your social anxiety with small steps and understanding your anxiety and what causes it. You don't need medication, you definitely don't need alcohol or anything more potent. You can overcome your anxiety naturally.

It is very rewarding to overcome your social anxiety as you life will dramatically change. You will start to go out more, make more friends, do more and be more.

There are some very subtle indicators or habits that show you are suffering from social anxiety. If you feel you're quality of life is suffering then you should consult your doctor.

Symptoms of Social Phobia or Social Anxiety:

    Going red. This was a killer for me, I felt like my head turned in to a big light bulb but do you know what, you actually don't go that red. No ones taking that much notice.

    Feeling like the odd one out at a party. This is just in your mind, believe it or not there are people feeling 10 times worse than you there (they're the one's getting drunk) and some people weren't even invited! Mingle.

    Leads on from the above symptom, which is the feeling of being watched or judged. Yeah there is someone always watching you and judging you, it's you. Do you notice that your thoughts are in the 3rd person? Easy, see yourself being the most attractive person at the party, what do you look like how do you hold yourself? how do handle the barrage of admirers?.

    Fear of public speaking. This could be from doing a speech in your class or having to give a presentation at work.

As I mention at the start of the article you probably avoid social situations and even fear the thought of one. A colleagues birthday is around the corner and you just know there will be a party, so, you book time off work to have a valid excuse not to go. Rather than face embarrassment of being the party pooper.

You can overcome social anxiety quickly. Your lifestyle will turn around just as quickly too if you learn how to handle these situations, find your triggers, overcome them and create new triggers to feel great.

By avoiding the office party you affirm to yourself that you were right not to go, but by going out and attending these types of social gatherings you'll affirm yourself why you should go. It then turns in to the snowball effect of feeling great.

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