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Dangerous Behavioral Abnormalities Considered to Be Inoffensive

Thanks to Carl Jung's discoveries about the meaning of dreams and their healing power today we know the real meaning of the dream language and how to fight mental illnesses through dream interpretation. Thanks to my discoveries after continuing his research, we also know that we are under-developed primates.

We have inherited an absurd and evil wild conscience that didn't evolve like our human conscience, the anti-conscience. Our tiny human conscience is basically absurd because it is one-sided, even though it is somehow sensible. This means that we are basically idiotic. We have to fight craziness if we want to have the chance to evolve and use all of our brain power.

The unconscious mind that produces our dreams has a divine origin and cures mental illnesses through consciousness. This means that God works like a natural psychotherapist because we need His guidance. All dreams give us precious information about what is happening in our psychological system, and about our external reality.

By following the unconscious guidance in dreams I learned how to detect signs of absurdity in the human behavior. I will give you a lesson about this matter, so that you may care about finding sound mental health; especially if you'll observe that the following characteristics frequently appear in your behavior:


If you have the tendency to admire yourself whenever you say something intelligent, or whenever someone admires the way you are looking or something you did, this is a sign of absurdity, even if you don't suffer from narcissistic personality disorder. This behavioral abnormality must make you worry about what is happening to you, especially if you tend to remember the situation that caused admiration all the time during the day, and you have a pleasant feeling of superiority.

You may believe that feeling happy when someone shows you admiration for some reason is a normal reaction. However, your happiness is not based on a logical reaction because it is exaggerated.

Even if you don't keep admiring yourself for long whenever you are admired by someone else, only the fact that you feel so glad when someone admires the way you look (or something you said) already means that you have an idiotic behavior.

You shouldn't pay attention to other people's admiration, not only because it usually is false, as well as because you are imperfect. You are too far from being a really admirable person.

Now, let's examine the relationship existent between idiocy and absurdity. When you have an idiotic behavior, you do stupid things that put you in danger. If you do stupid and dangerous things, you get into trouble, you provoke catastrophes, you make enemies, and you feel horribly depressed and angry because of the situation you are in.

When you are depressed and angry, you look for solutions to your problems. This is when your anti-conscience has the chance to send many absurd suggestions to your conscience, and gradually destroy your capacity to think logically. It makes you accept showing absurd behavior without criticizing your actions.

Your anti-conscience destroys your human conscience through craziness whenever you have an idiotic behavior and you make foolish mistakes. Idiocy and absurdity are connected. If you are idiotic, you don't understand the meaning of your actions. You don't think about their consequences.

Your anti-conscience uses many tricks to mislead your ego, with the intention to imprison your conscience into the labyrinth of craziness. It takes advantage of your idiocy when you keep admiring yourself in order to impose neurotic behavior. Your anti-conscience will make you care too much about other people's opinion, and have the behavior of a murderer.

The neurotic behavior caused by your preoccupation with other people's opinion is a preparation to transform you into a real murderer. A secret murderer pays attention to other people's reactions because he/she must hide his crimes from the eyes of the world.

A supposedly 'inoffensive' self-admiration can easily lead you to neurosis, and from neurosis to psychosis or schizophrenia. Self-admiration is an idiotic behavior provoked by your wild conscience. You must be afraid of your tendency to admire yourself.

Inability to Focus Your Attention on Other People's Words

The same way you are absurd when you care too much about having other people's admiration, you also are absurd when you cannot focus your attention on other people's words. If you tend to easily get distracted and think about something else when someone is talking to you, this means that your behavior reflects signs of absurdity.

The tendency to think about unrelated matters instead of paying attention to someone else's words when you have a conversation reflects a dangerous lack of concentration.

The inability to concentrate your attention on what other people are saying can keep you isolated in your own, imaginary world. Isolation is very dangerous for your mental stability because you are not criticized by your social environment, and you tend to follow your anti-conscience's absurd thoughts.

If you have the tendency to interrupt other people's narrations to make observations about irrelevant matters while they are telling you something serious, this means that your anti-conscience constantly controls your behavior, in order to make you disregard important information. You must be careful with your lack of concentration and try to pay attention to what you are listening to.

Uncontrollable Laughter for No Apparent Reason

Whenever you start laughing without apparent reason, this is an indication that your anti-conscience prepared a trap for you. Your anti-conscience makes you believe that you will find happiness by doing what it suggests, and this is why it causes euphoria. You start laughing for no apparent reason because you are glad with the impression that you will find happiness.

However, after being dominated by uncontrollable laughter for a certain period of time, you will surely make a serious mistake, or you'll become a victim of someone else's evilness.

Uncontrollable laughter for no apparent reason is a clear indication that your absurd anti-conscience is manipulating your ego. You must open your eyes and change your plans. Otherwise, you'll have to face the bitter consequences of your mistakes in the future.


Yawns are not caused by your tiredness when you are sleepy. They appear in your behavior in many situations that are not related to the lack of sleep. Yawns are caused by the intention of your anti-conscience to make you disregard important information.

Whenever you learn something important that you should pay attention to, your anti-conscience generates yawns to make you ignore this information.

Yawns also reflect your indifference when someone is talking about painful situations. Yawning is an absurd reaction of indifference before other people's pain.

Your anti-conscience tries to disconnect you with your reality. It tries to transform you into an insensitive monster by causing a tendency to relax instead of being worried and sad with what you are listening to. This way, you don't pay attention to your own mistakes.

If you disregard other people's suffering, this means that you won't learn anything with their pain and therefore, you'll simply repeat their mistakes when you'll be in a similar situation. You won't remember their tragic story and the reasons why they had so many problems, because your anti-conscience made you feel sleepy and tired with what you were listening to.

Your anti-conscience sends you yawns whenever you are indifferent to someone else's pain. It takes advantage of your lack of sensitivity to make you become even more insensitive with the impression that you want to sleep.

You must feel sorry for those who are suffering and pay attention to their pain. You have to be sensitive and show compassion to all human beings. You also have to help them solve their problems by giving them your generous support.

Pay attention to what your anti-conscience is trying to make you disregard when you'll observe that you are yawning.

Your anti-conscience constantly takes the place of your ego because it tries to destroy your human conscience and control your behavior. You must fight your anti-conscience so that you, the human being concentrated into your human conscience may control your behavior, and not your primitive conscience.

If your behavior is sometimes characterized by self-admiration, inability to focus your attention on other people's words, uncontrollable laughter for no apparent reason, and yawns, this means that you have to follow dream therapy if you want to save your mental stability. Your anti-conscience is already destroying your conscience.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung's research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to exactly translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.
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