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5 Steps to an Improved Self-Esteem

Check out the 5 methods - which could better your self-esteem

How many good qualities you discover in yourself? Your self-confidence is good when there are more positive qualities than negative. Poor when the number of negative characteristics is bigger than the positive. But, it is also important for good self-esteem to notice the weaknesses and be honest about them.

You can guard yourself with good self-esteem

Do you believe in yourself and appreciate yourself? Self-esteem can also be defined as self-worth, or it can be described as the quantity of self-esteem and self-confidence. Self-worth is that you defend yourself, keep up your rights and are capable to be satisfied with your performance. Self-confidence is that how much you think you can impact your life with your own abilities and solutions, and how you can deal future concerns and problems. Self-confidence is that you dare to set high standards and take on challenges.

You respect yourself enough to hold your rights

Do you see your own life as a unique and important? Good self-esteem is that you can see the uniqueness of your own life and understand that you are important, without that it has to be pointed out to you by special achievements or successes. Self-esteem is a sense inside of you - it cannot be explained through the things that you can see from the outside.

Valuing others is a component of good self-esteem

Are you able to value other individuals? Piece of good self-esteem is the skill to appreciate other people's views, skills and pay respect and recognition to him or her. A person who has a strong self-esteem, is capable to see their own worth and competence, but he does not think he is the only one who knows how to, or the only one that will be appreciated.

Are you independent in your own solutions and independent of other individual's opinions? A someone who has a strong self-esteem, do not have to constantly think about what other people think and he does not always try to think and act in favor to public judgment. This courage is independence in the sense that you dare to make your own decisions and have your own opinions and live the life in the way you want and not in the way what your surroundings value or appreciate.

Good self-esteem is the ability to put up with disappointments

Are you able to deal with failures and disappointments? Good self-esteem is also the ability to put up with disappointments and failures. Good self-esteem eases the granting your own mistakes - the fact that you did some task poorly, does not mean that you are not good. The granting of a failure provides a chance to consider what you could learn from the matter, so that the new failure could be avoided. Good self-esteem helps us to realize that there are disappointments in every people's lives, even though they are not always displayed on the outside.

What self-esteem is not?

Self-esteem is not the equal as performing confidently or outside success. Self-esteem is not just self-confidence and seeing yourself only in a positive manner. Self-esteem is not social courage or selfishness. No one can have just plain poor self-esteem or a complete self-confidence. You should not even try to achieve complete self-confidence, because it is no longer human or achievable.

No one can have a complete self-confidence

Everyone's self-esteem is good in some area and then again little bit worse in another. If a person takes on a role and discovers that he can behave as if he were truly like his role, this sooner or later starts to impact his or her self-image. Even though adult's self-image is usually already settled, there are a few ways you can build yourself a better self-esteem.

Five steps to better self-esteem;

1. Highlight the success in your own head.

2. Find positive and valuable things in your life.

3. Be fearless and take more difficult tasks that you think you could do.

4. Remember that in "the universe of super achievers" you have the right to be in doubt and a little bit worried about your survival.

5. Hold in mind that high self-esteem is not a guarantee of satisfaction and a good life, or the lack of it does not forecast a poor life

Good self-esteem makes life easier, but low self-esteem is not a disaster.

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